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When was the last time you had a real good CONVO?

Not sure what’s harder to believe; that we’ve already had two out of four sessions in the immersive and unapologetically joyful Convo 2021 series, or that the third one is happening… NEXT WEEK!

In case you missed it, Convo is a quarterly conversation-based programme filling the void that often exists between marketing & sales teams. It’s underpinned by vivid shared experiences that create meaningful connections – all on Zoom. Yep, it’s possible.

We’re so excited to be facilitating this third edition together with our fabulous friends at Haute Dokimazo, Liz & Nicole, but first, a quick recap:

In February, we went diving with Great White sharks off the coast of Mexico whilst discussing the role of data and analytics in today’s sales & marketing functions.

“I’ve never felt so connected to 80 strangers on Zoom as when we saw that manta ray glide over the diver’s head – what a powerful experience!” said one participant in the chat.

In April, we swung around to Istanbul and walked the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar, before going into the iconic marketplace to meet & chat with stallholders who shared their customer retention and loyalty techniques. Even learnt to make a Turkish coffee! Our conversation then took us into the depths of ABM, or account-based marketing, and what that looks like today.

Next week, Tue 27 July from 11pm – 2am SGT, we can’t wait to meet the locals at the Marine Mammal Centre at Atlantis Bahamas. This virtual adventure will take us through how the complex ecosystem thrives and survives, and what lessons there might be for our own sales & marketing ecosystems.

Image credit: Atlantis Bahamas Blue Project Foundation

Convo is part community programme of growth-driven marketing mavericks and sales rebels, part awesome virtual fun and part research study, so by committing to participate all we ask is that you complete the post-event research survey.

Join the convo here. Oh, and don’t worry if you missed the first two, we’ll catch you up.


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