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WHITE-LABELLING: Is it right for you and is it a good idea?

This week marks the start of a six-week white-label project with a UC partner, which got us thinking about how (and for who else) this can be a really useful solution.

The most likely scenario is that you’ve got regular content, training or strategy session delivery commitments to your team or community. You’ve set a high bar for this work and are always on the look-out for fresh perspectives or you’ve simply run out of time and resources to deliver (it happens).

White-labelling is when we come into your organisation to design, deliver and facilitate your workshops or events – with YOUR visual and corporate ID. It’s about seamlessly becoming a part of your team, delivering to your standards and maintaining continuity of the user experience.

⬜⬜⬜ White-labelling works in a number of ways ⬜⬜⬜

  • Allows you access to external expertise whilst fulfilling your promise to deliver

  • Gives your stakeholders fresh (and likely more diverse!) perspectives without changing the platform, mode and style of delivery or expectations

  • Fills temporary resource gaps while you’re busy recruiting

Drop us a line on if you want to know more about our white-label solutions and how they can work for you.


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