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be the agent of change your community needs

our proven uncommon frameworks and formats result in tangible outcomes

uncommon event framework

Our iterative 5-step process prioritises human-centric design, a high degree of participation, and an open, informal journey focused on creativity and exploration rather than a rigid agenda. This produces results you and your participants can see, feel and most importantly, use.


1. Define 

The key stakeholders

2. Decide

The right questions or challenges to tackle

3. Design 

A process where ideas can flourish and are then evaluated in real-time 

4. "Hack" 

Viable ideas to feed into new solutions 

5. Capture 

The process and group commitment to agreed outcomes  

what you get

"the unstructured, high-energy environment of the unconference amplifies ideas."



Step up and lead the change your organisation or community needs



There’s value in unpacking the expertise & collective knowledge of everyone in the r(Z)oom



Participants won’t just leave your gathering inspired, but with tangible outcomes & a path to lasting change

uncommon client framework

let's figure out exactly why you're putting on an event, what you want to get out of it, and how we'll know if you did or not. 

UC Framwork.png

1. Start with why

Why are you gathering your community? What are your desired outcomes from this unconference or virtual collaboration? What change do you want to see? What would happen if you didn’t convene your community right now, in this way? These are just some of the probing questions we'll ask even before you've hired us.

2. Current state

If content is King then research must be Queen. We take a deep dive into your world with primary and secondary research to ascertain the change that needs to happen. This process also identifies your all-important stakeholders who will get you there. And no, we don’t mean ‘sending a survey’ - in fact we’ve found that’s one of the worst ways to get your finger on the pulse.

3. Desired state

Once you’ve done the blue sky thinking, it’s time to get specific. We’ll take you through an iterative process (that can feel painful, but we promise will be worth it!) so you are crystal clear on your objectives and desired outcomes.

4. The journey 

One of our favourite parts of the process - your people and the journey we’ll take them on. Keeping your objectives front and centre, we’ll put together a customised schedule for when you have their time, attention and energy. If you have an ‘ongoing challenge’ we’ll make suggestions for how to keep them engaged between editions of the ‘in-person’ or ‘virtual’ gathering. We promise this participant journey will leave them with vivid memories and a true commitment to change. All aboard the Uncommon train!

5. Check it

You can’t change what you don’t measure - and we are big believers in the importance of measuring the outcomes of your unconference, community-building efforts or training session. We’ll work closely with you to decide on the right metrics and measurement methodology, providing only useful reports at the end of our engagement. None of those hefty 70 page reports that no one reads (or can do anything with!). As with all of our work, we embrace the beauty in simplicity.

We couldn't be happier with the outcomes of the Gas Fest virtual workshops. They created an environment that enabled us to re-start critical conversations and delivered a valuable summary report. The community was clearly engaged and committed to regrouping as a result

- GM, Soceity for Gas as a Marine Fuel



uncommon event formats

Here are just some of the innovative and disruptive platforms we utilise to help you achieve your goals and drive change

1. Unconferences

Unconferences are a powerful alternative to the usual meeting, conference or summit format. They are particularly valuable for organisations, communities, alliances and networks who find themselves in the presence of complexity, urgency and tension. Participants are at the core of the unconference format. They provide input, co-create the in-person experience and take ownership of the outcomes. While it may appear that unconferences are an unstructured ‘free-for-all’, in actual fact every element is carefully designed by us at UC, together with you, the client. 

2. Uncommon Digital & Virtual Collaborations

In between in-person gatherings, we believe in the power of staying connected online. Depending on your objectives, we can design and deliver quick virtual workshops or more elaborate and inspirational touchpoints to keep your community engaged and continuing to drive change. 

3. Community & Forum Building

True change can only come about if your community or stakeholders commit to it, and commit to working together to bring about that change. We specialise in participant-led experiences that bond your (internal or external) stakeholders to each other and to the change they’re invested in. Whether you’re seeking a unified industry pathway for lowering harmful emissions or you’re training a team of sales professionals, we’ll take them from current state to desired state - together. 

4. Uncommon Professional Training & Skills Masterclasses

Upskilling your workforce in an innovative and engaging way has never been an easy task. Employees often join a course as a ‘tick the box’ exercise and employers end up feeling like they’ve wasted their time and money or worse still, not seeing any change in behaviours or skills in their people. Changing the mindset around these activities is key. The training outcomes should be a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.