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seeking bold mavericks ready to shake things up

Let's bring joy, discovery and the true spirit of collaboration back into business events

Our team has a combined 50+ years'​ experience in the world of conferences, meetings and workshops - from every angle.
Our main takeaway from those years is that...

We need to turn the thinking behind an old and dusty conference culture upside down by designing professionally facilitated experiences built around the know-how of all participants.

This reduces our reliance on monologues by "experts" and give everyone a voice, in a world racing towards a more diverse & inclusive future. 

We love guiding you and your participants through a joyful, engaging and interactive experience - yes, even online! Whether you're trying to build a member-based community, inspire internal change, run a large-scale customer event or simply have a community conversation on Zoom, we've done it all. 

​We're made up of a dedicated team of multi-skilled events professionals around the world ready to design & deliver your very own inspiring uncommon platform. We also offer consulting, training and facilitation services depending on your unique needs.

​We've always challenged the status quo and want to make an impact with our work. In a nutshell, we want to leave the (events) world a better place.

who's behind UC


Banu Kannu


Director &

Chief Experience Officer


Banu Kannu is a self-confessed content and connection junkie with over 17 years' international experience across various industries. She creates & curates a wide range of content and experiences that connect people, meaningfully and joyfully.


In her most recent role at a Finnish industrial corporation, Banu was part of a small team that introduced a completely new unconference concept, Gas Fest, which continues to be a driving force for change in the marine and energy industries.


Banu is passionate about empowering UC’s clients to stage similar results-driven gatherings that drive true change. She is also a professional moderator and facilitator (in English and Mandarin) at high-level meetings and conferences around the world. 


Originally from Singapore, Banu has lived and worked in Australia and China (13 years in Shanghai) with extended time in London, New York and Hong Kong while completing an Executive MBA. She now calls Perth home.


Banu enjoys time at the beach, trying out adventurous recipes and being a passionate West Coast Eagles supporter. Current favourite cities are Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Munich.

Marcus Magee_edited.jpg

Marcus Magee

Director &

Head of Uncommon Platforms  


Marcus Magee is a strategic consultant and business leader with over 20 years' international experience. Active in the business conferences, training and education sectors, Marcus' focus is on helping businesses grow, and inspiring their communities.

A high-impact change agent, Marcus has worked with numerous organisations to improve their performance and profits including 15+ years in senior management positions spanning a number of sectors across the Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Middle East regions.


Originally from Australia, Marcus has lived and worked in Singapore, UK and China, making him a true global citizen with cross-cultural and multi-sector expertise in conferences and events.


Through these years, Marcus found a gap in the world of business conferences, and is passionate about developing better, more meaningful, platforms for UC's clients to drive change. 


Marcus enjoys putting on a feast for his friends, tasting the different coffees of the world and soaking up the sun. 

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