We're not your usual professional conference organiser. The hint is in our name. We're here to disrupt the very thinking around why and how conferences are run, and help deliver true value to participants through programmes that engage and inspire.

Our co-founders have a combined 30+ years'​ experience in the world of business conferences from every *angle. Our main takeaway from those years is that if we have to sit through one more boring conference, withering away to yet another PowerPoint presentation, watching our fellow participants busy on their mobiles... we'll lose our minds.


So we're calling for an end. An end to dull, uninspiring, cookie-cutter conferences.


Instead, we'll help you design and deliver an outcome-driven conference that works to solve your participants' challenges. It's time to engage and activate your busy community; fostering meaningful connections that extend beyond your (live or virtual) event.


Let's bring joy back into conferences. Encourage interactivity in a way that isn't cringey. Make networking breaks more fun than a visit to the dentist. Let's use tech, and not let tech use us.

We'll make sure you've got all your bases covered: outcomes focus, co-creation, information transformation, community building, diversity, inclusion, openness and sustainability are not buzz words - they're real changes that need to happen for the (conference) world to become a better place.


Together we'll figure out why you're putting a conference together in the first place, and then discover fun & unique ways to help you achieve those goals, using the latest research and trends in behavioural science, marketing and technology.


Drop us a line: hello@uncommonconferences.com 



*We aren't kidding about every angle - research, programme development, speaker acquisition, marketing, agency production, delegate & sponsorship sales, operations and consulting.


Combined, we're like the conference version of a Swiss Army knife.

we're calling time on dull, uninspiring conferences

This is our manifesto for the future of better, more meaningful conferences

The case for better business conferences

The memories of the conference are still vivid in my mind.

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