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together, we're disrupting the world of boring conferences, meetings & workshops

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"Our new leadership team needed to connect, align, and be inspired to envision the future of our function - the series of virtual workshops uncommon conferences carefully designed and delivered helped us achieve all these key elements whilst engaging with each other in a very unique and joyful way - quite different to our usual WebEx team calls! The live scribing of our discussions was also a very useful takeaway of the sessions, that helped complement the work we did on miro boards"

Forge a sustainable and inspiring pathway to 2030 for the Procurement Controls & Analysis function within BHP.


Through a series of 8 virtual workshops, covering team leads from across the country, we employed a “Fitness Challenge” theme to take participants through a “Scan, Focus, Act” model. Live graphical scribing was used to capture discussions & decisions. 

PC&A team leads aligned on a common goal. Separate workshops taking place concurrently to solve challenges identified and to decide actions.  

Department of Transport, Western Australia

"The in-person workshop Uncommon Conferences designed and facilitated for our senior stakeholders allowed us to communicate and engage with each other in a candid and outcome-driven way. We've had positive feedback from participants who are looking forward to translating their discussions into action."

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A more united and collaborative working relationship among key stakeholders including WA Ports, Treasury Department & Infrastructure WA


An environment conducive to the message of “we are all on the same team” with time and space for candid exchange of views in small facilitated breakouts.  

Real-time agreements on several issues and focus groups formed to explore open issues. 

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Gas Fest

“Absolutely the best way to connect with veterans and newcomers from the industry and hear others’ views on the topics discussed. It’s not a dull PPT marathon with company sales pitches but a place where people talk about the actual topic in the room much more openly“

Host critical conversations with key players across the marine fuel value system to explore the role of gas as a marine fuel on the Maritime Zero Pathway.


To engage the expertise of each and every participant in solution groups that can practically influence and tackle challenges facing the industry. Take participants outside the usual “conference comfort zone” with a unique setting and methodology. 

100% of participants would recommend it to their colleagues and peers 
100% of participants said they would join a future edition 
100% of participants said it lived up to its claim of not being “just another Gas event”  

Maritime Industry Australia Limited

"Uncommon Conferences went above and beyond in designing and delivering two virtual workshops for our Future Leaders Program - they ensured the sessions were engaging, relevant and also challenging. Banu & Marcus have clearly understood the finer points of what makes for a valuable experience and we are pleased to have worked with them again"

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Create energy and a collaborative spirit among Future Leaders for working together on Australian Maritime future White Paper.


Create a space where members can reflect on and synthesise the content they’ve been exposed to over the course of the Future Leaders Program.


"There was a high-quality exchange of views, and everyone was given the opportunity to be heard - that's something we don't often see in the maritime space, especially virtually."

INSEAD Alumni Workshop

INSEAD & International Business Schools Alumni Perth

"Our cohort of highly successful business executives enjoy collaborative experiences where they are challenged to think differently and engage meaningfully, and the uncommon conferences' offering was a great fit"


Collectively workshop ways to maximise the yearly time spent together at events, in terms of relationship-building, networking, career prospecting, employee search and seeking inspiration.


Create an environment conducive to a candid exchange of views in small breakouts.

Participants were engaged and had at least a short conversation with everyone else (as opposed to only a few that would be normal / expected of a pure networking events). Participants also felt invested in joining and benefitting from the rest of the year’s series of alumni events.


Something greater than normal, better than the usual. Something with more meaning than average; that adds life and character


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