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Top 3 things that keep association leaders up at night

We’ve been working closely in and with professional associations for about 18 years and while the times (and platforms) may have changed, the core challenges remain the same.

Here’s a look at the Top 3 we hear time and again:

  1. STRATEGY: How do we come up with a flexible yet robust strategy for our professional association; one that’s fit for purpose, and ensures sustainable growth? What’s the strategy that’s going to unite our workforce and our members, that’s inspiring yet completely achievable?

  2. TALENT & PEOPLE: How do we find and retain the best and most suitable people for the job – after all, working for a professional association is quite a different beast to the ‘corporate life’. What makes our association a workplace of choice?

  3. ENGAGEMENT: How do we effectively and authentically connect with our members, and connect our members with each other? What keeps them coming back to our content, communication and events?

It’s no coincidence that this year’s ACE conference by the Australasian Society of Association Executives (yup, they’re an ‘association of associations’ or as they like to call it, community of association professionals! Very meta 😊) features 3 expert masterclasses on each of the three challenges. We hear the one on Engagement being run by our very own Banu Kannu is all booked out*, but there are still spots on the Strategy & Talent sessions, so if you’re joining us in Melbourne next week, make sure to register here:

*UPDATE: AuSAE have now added on a plenary session on engagement if you missed out on the masterclass. Details as follows:

Fri 2 Dec 2022: 10.30-11.00

Taking a 365 approach to your member engagement strategy

Banu Kannu, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Uncommon Conferences

Online, offline, content and communications - this session is about meeting your members where they are, and creating spaces for them to engage not just with your association, but with each other. We'll cover the basics of coming up with a sustainable 365 strategy and how you can implement it without burning out!


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