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uncommon times call for an uncommon approach

we want to help you and your participants truly connect, be inspired and get sh!t done

It’s time to throw out the old rule book and embrace the future, using uncommon platforms, online or in-person, to bring about real change.

A properly researched and designed conference, workshop or series of customer events can achieve remarkable outcomes, virtually or in-person.

Using professional (and slightly unique!) facilitation and a tailor-made programme that has its participants front and centre of the experience will succeed over a boring Death by PPT affair any day of the week.


The high degree of participant interactivity we recommend results in connections and relationships that last even between meetings, and now we’re all experts at staying connected online – the timing couldn’t be better.


Unconferences, spontaneous thinktanks and effective use of virtual collaboration tools are not new, but they are long overdue to become the norm.

where would you rather be?


  • Death by talking head armed with a PowerPoint

  • Limited audience engagement

  • Unstructured breakouts

  • Painful networking

  • Homogeneous 'experts'

  • 'Learn' by listening

  • Forgettable


  • Collective expertise-sharing

  • Lively discussions and debate

  • Professional moderation and facilitation

  • Meaningful connections

  • Diverse viewpoints

  • Vivid memories through learning by doing

  • Measurable outcomes

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