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everyone has a role to play in driving change 

in turbulent times your community needs guiding to a better future

It’s time to throw out the old rule book and embrace the post-Covid future, using uncommon platforms, online or in-person, to bring about real change.

We see huge potential in platforms that meaningfully gather stakeholders of an organisation or industry, allowing for each and every participant to contribute. A properly researched and delivered gathering can and should achieve the desired outcomes, virtually or in-person.

Using expert facilitation and a tailor-made programme, such gatherings can achieve tangible outcomes and forge a pathway forward.


Due to the high degree of participant interactivity, the connections and relationships formed are proven to last between gatherings, and now we’re all experts at maintaining relationships online – the timing couldn’t be better.


Unconferences and uncommon platforms are not new, but they are long overdue to become the norm.

the change




  • Death by talking head armed with a PowerPoint

  • Limited audience engagement

  • Unstructured breakouts

  • Painful networking

  • Homogeneous 'experts'

  • 'Learn' by listening

  • Forgettable




  • Collective expertise-sharing

  • Lively discussions and debate

  • Professional moderation and facilitation

  • Meaningful connections

  • Diverse viewpoints

  • Vivid memories through learning by doing

  • Clear pathway forward