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What do you want your participants to Think, Feel & Do?

When the fancy champagne glasses are cleared away and the last chair stacked (or you’ve saved your recording and logged out of your webinar provider, as is more likely to be the case these days), what do you really want your conference participants to take away with them? Remembering these are probably busy executives who’ve spent time, energy and maybe good money to be with you for some length of time.

Here’s our dream list:

We want them to think:

“That was a really valuable use of my time”

We want them to feel:

“Wow, what an unforgettable and vivid experience”

And most importantly, we want them to commit to some variation of the following:

“I’m going to take what I’ve learnt and apply it right away”

“I’m going to call/email so-and-so to figure out how we can progress what we discussed and worked on at the conference”

“I must tell my colleagues and peers not to miss out on this conference next time it happens”

The think/feel/do principle is almost as old as time, but many of us have forgotten to apply to it the conferences that we painstakingly organise.

Let’s change that.

PS: We recently posted about feedback at conferences - let’s start to structure feedback forms around the think/feel/do principle so we can continuously improve the conference experience.


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