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The 2021 SmackDown no one saw coming

"Here they come, the two reigning champions of gathering communities.

In the red corner is the old, familiar heavy-weight, INPERSONIMO.

Arms in the air, cheering the crowd on, they're clearly confident of a win today. The definitive monster after years of being at the top of the heap, they know people love a winner. And they aren't threatened by anything. After all, the desire to gather is never going to change. It's in our DNA.

In the blue corner is the up and coming, light-weight contender, VIRTUALISER.

You can almost hear their gears whirring, as they crunch the numbers and intricately plan their strategy. And coming without all that baggage might serve them well. Who said there was only one way to win, right?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

With their obvious weight differences, this will be a battle of technical skill for Virtualiser. You'd think Inpersonimo would have it in the bag. They've been at the game so long and know what works. But this is a new era. And their tendency to be a spotmonkey might trip them up.

Who’s gonna win? Will we see any head-drops from Inpersonimo? Or is Virtualiser going to stun the crowd?

Ding ding ding... and they’re off!

Virtualiser comes out strong, releasing a series of strikes that immediately surprises Inpersonimo.

Virtualiser clearly has the upper hand at the moment, with Inpersonimo still finding their feet.

Will you look at some of those moves?! We've definitely not seen them before. Virtualiser has to be scoring points for originality.

And Inpersonimo is just standing there, taking the hit!

Maybe they're waiting for Virtualiser to run out of steam? But they need to look out. Virtualiser is clearly looking for a fight today.

WHOAAAAAA. Now they are really tussling.

Virtualiser has Inpersonimo in a headlock. But Inpersonimo is wriggling and writhing… And they’re free!

Wait, wait… Virtualiser is going back for more, jumping straight onto the shoulders of Inpersonimo, bringing them crashing down, and pinning them! Clearly going for the pin-fall here...

But there’s the kick-out! Look at that comeback, a true signature move from Inpersonimo! And listen to that crowd pop! They do love a swerve.

Now they’re both back on the mat, taking turns to snug…

Hang on… What do we have here?

Ding ding ding... A rushed finish? Really?

And the title goes to... IT'S A TIE!




Wait... what?!

Yep, we've called it.

We're willing to bet (how many more wrestling references can we throw in here?!) that once the dust of rona settles and we're back to shaking hands, thumping backs, hugging, clinking glasses, and losing our peanuts down the side of our plane seats, both Inpersonimo AND Virtualiser are going to find their place in the (gathe)ring.

It’s all going to depend on who's hosting and why they're gathering…

Watch out for more on this topic in the coming weeks!


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