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🎧 PODCAST ALERT! The Ornithology Episode 🐦

Just kidding. We don’t know anything about birds, besides Marcus being an early bird and Banu a night owl. And we're now both perpetually exhausted pigeons anyway, because of #2021.

Chirps aside, Banu recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Sirkin and Sophia Gordon of Sirkin Research (check out their recently revamped website & fab IDEAS framework for B2B marketers) to talk about the power of being outcome-driven and intentional, and taking responsibility for tangible takeaways in this age of time and attention poverty.

B also talks about a topic that’s close to the heart of our work at UC, which is ensuring everyone’s voice is heard; that we make room for diverse and underrepresented voices and that we work hard to democratise the conference experience.

This quick conversation (esp. if you listen to it at 1.2x or 1.5x ⏩ like we usually do 😉) also covers:

  • The difference between a passive audience and actively engaged participants

  • Acknowledging and designing for regional/cultural differences in a business context

  • The power of conversations – when facilitated with a light touch

  • Respecting participants’ time, attention, energy, and resources

  • How alienating it is to walk into a conference room and see you’re the only one there who looks like you

  • The conversation that’s left the most lasting impression on B in 2021: Alok Menon on the Man Enough podcast

  • Giving your strategy (any strategy!) time to work before tearing it up and starting over

  • Why it’s important to listen to and learn from a wide range of information and knowledge sources – even the ones that feel “irrelevant” to the work you do

Give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts, or follow this link. Love to hear your thoughts and reflections!


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