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"Once upon an unconference..."

Once upon a time there was a company who wanted to see their industry move forward.

But every day they were frustrated by the simple lack of progress.

Until one day they decided to stage their own industry gathering.

And at that gathering they all shared their various frustrations.

And because of that, the issues became clear to everyone.

Until finally they were able to decide a way forward!

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

(Okay, maybe not the ‘happily ever after’ bit - it’s never that easy of course!)


Sound like something you'd value being a part of, or even stage yourself?

Then an “unconference” is for you.

“What’s an unconference?” we hear you ask.

They are basically conferences without the rigid programme and death by power-point.

Instead they have an overall objective, involve greater participant collaboration, and focus on achieving tangible outcomes. Actions that participants can implement, and even check progress on the next time they convene.

Think of them as large brainstorming sessions that actually work.

Serendipity is a key part of the magic. Most traditional conferences maximise every minute and force every interaction. Makes it difficult for those accidental moments.

But that’s one of the beautiful things about bringing communities together - you never know what might come from it.

There’s also the chance for better bonding. Participants are by definition sharing, and in turn giving out signals to like-minded people. That makes for much stronger connections that last beyond the gathering. And now that we’re all experts at maintaining relationships online – the timing couldn’t be better.

Sound too good to be true?

Well to be fair it’s not easy to pull together. And it’s a different kind of ‘hard’ from a traditional conference.

You need crystal clear objectives & outcomes, the right people in the room, expert facilitation and moderation, as well as some means of documenting all the great discussions being had.

Luckily we can help you. Hit us up to find out how!


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