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How do you know you're ready to be uncommon?

Conference participants getting to know each other in a sunny courtyard
Catalonian sunshine is the secret ingredient to better connections

We often get asked "so what makes you uncommon?" to which we normally respond with "how much time do you have?" 😝

Jokes aside, we often flip the script and ask potential partners and clients if they're even ready for something uncommon - whether it's an industry gathering, internal meeting, management conference, virtual event or workshop. Truth is, many aren't.

It's like the Dunning-Kruger effect of events: Folks often overestimate their desire for something different, meaningful, transformational and yes, uncommon. But when push comes to shove, the majority descend back into medocrity and very common ways of working. We get it; it's not easy being a pioneer, pushing back against the status quo or fighting for the budget. In these trying times of the Great Resignation and Languishing, not everyone has it in them to fight the good fight, and that's okay.

If, however, you're up for the challenge, here's a little checklist to see if you should get in touch:

  • Your participants are listless, your team is muted (literally) and you're running out of bright ideas for "engagement"

  • You're swearing under your breath a lot during meetings (esp. the virtual ones)

  • Meetings seem to be taking up more of your time than your "regular work"

  • You're guessing what your participants want and need, instead of being driven by data and insights

  • Lastly, and most importantly, you have your 3 i's locked in:

    1. ISSUES: You know exactly what the challenges and opportunities are

    2. INTENTION: You're committed to exploring & tackling these with meaningful contributions from all stakeholders. You believe in the old adage 'uncommon times call for uncommon approaches'

    3. IMMEDIACY: You're ready to start yesterday

So if you're a bold maverick (genuinely) willing to shake things up, instead of continuing to suffer in silence, you know where to find us.


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