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Give them what they're looking for (on your website)!

In our last post, we mentioned a few things that potential participants are (actually) looking for on a conference website. Here are some of our top tips for conveying these messages in a clear and persuasive way!

Is it going to be fun?

  • Use colours, don’t be afraid of them

  • Try to avoid photos of sleeping members of the audience

  • Also try to avoid photos of people on their phones

  • Highlight the networking elements of the agenda

Does the agenda allow me to sneak in and out for meetings / phone calls?

  • Have a compressed agenda visible clearly on the home page

Is the WIFI connection going to be decent?

  • Find a venue with good WIFI

  • Failing which, pay to have the WIFI boosted

  • Say so on your website! (This could go in a section around ‘amenities’ or ‘facilities’ for those who may need to do some work on the side while they’re at your conference)

Will it make me look good if I tell my boss I’m participating / speaking?

  • If you’ve had media coverage of your conference, highlight this on the home page – who doesn’t want to be on the telly?!

How did it go last time?

  • Have a snazzy video (no longer that 2-3 mins) of your last edition so potential participants can get an instant feel for the experience that it will be

  • If you didn’t have a 'last time', you’re in big trouble. Just kidding, head over to the ‘contact’ button at the top of this page and we’ll find a way to help you out

Let's inspire your community – Team UC


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