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4 tips to power your Q4 virtuals

It's that jolly time of year when teams are battling budgets, virtual event participants are at their most fatigued and you (lucky organiser) are just about tapped out.

Here are four super simple tips to power you through the final quarter of virtuals:

  1. Really think about which virtual meetings you need to keep in the calendar - especially recurring internal meetings. If you can turn a weekly meeting into slightly longer fortnightly ones for the rest of the year, DO IT. Your team will love you for it.

  2. Do you have a monthly virtual customer event with a set agenda? Turn it into a "together apart" power walk. Put together a curated playlist, send it out, and invite folks to share their "out & about" shots to your socials.

  3. Languishing, first identified in 2021 by Adam Grant, is still a very real condition for many of us. Invite a holistic health & wellness professional to one of your upcoming virtuals. Someone your participants can relate to and who can provide customised suggestions for how to not only survive but thrive through the 2022 home stretch.

  4. Start & end every virtual session with music, performed live if possible. A guitar aficionado on the team? Maybe a regular customer who's good on the piano. If it's someone from within the ranks, the results will be all the better, but hiring someone in is also okay.

For more tips and/or support putting together your Q4 virtuals, drop us a line on


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