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5 things potential participants are (actually) looking for on your conference website*

1. Is it going to be fun?

A conference is a big commitment for most people, both in terms of time and money - they want to know right away if they can expect to have a good time. This doesn’t mean they’re looking for bouncy castles and/or an open bar starting from lunchtime. Think about your potential participants and what fun means and/or looks like for them.

2. Does the agenda allow me to sneak in and out for meetings / phone calls?

We live in a hyper connected world, and while it’s nice to think your participants will give you their undivided attention for 2 days, it’s more likely they’ll have to take a call from their boss or close a deal while they’re there. They want to know how easy it’s going to be to do that.

3. Is the WiFi connection going to be decent?

Second only to temperature of the room and condition of cookies in the breaks, WiFi connectivity tends to feature heavily on conference feedback forms. If you’re planning a strictly and intentionally tech-free conference, your participants will want to know.

4. Will it make me look good if I tell my boss I’m participating / speaking?

Not to be mistaken for the ‘Justify your trip’ section on a conference website, this is more about the potential kudos and/or ‘PR’ your participants might get by being associated with your conference.

5. How did it go last time?

This is the conference equivalent of ‘reviews’ on TripAdvisor (which we think sucks these days, btw!) but not to be mistaken for a stack of testimonials on your website. This is the part of your site that gives potential participants an instant feel for what your conference will be like and therefore, whether it aligns with their needs.

*Look out for a follow-up post, where we’ll share some tips for how to convey this information through your website

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