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Can conferences be the hero in the battle for workplace productivity?

We recently came across an interesting article* about communication tools in the workplace and how many of the newer ones seem to, ironically, get in the way of healthy and productive communication among employees.

In an increasingly noisy and cluttered world with content and communication coming at workers from every direction, can conferences be the haven where ‘actual’ work gets done?

We think so, and here are some reasons why:

  • Most people mentally ‘check out’ of real life and ‘check in’ to conferences (otherwise known as the 'captive audience' phenomenon)

  • Conferences usually cover a specific area of interest which means minds are already tuned into and/or receptive about that topic

  • Participants usually come to conferences with the intent to meet and form meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with others

How can we make sure that participants are getting the most out of conferences?

Let's inspire your community - Team UC


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