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And… we’re back! 💥

We’ve missed you!

You may have noticed that Team UC has been on a little break. We needed a time-out to recalibrate these past couple of months. Towards the end of 2021 we couldn’t help but feel, as many of you did, a little burnt out and run down.

But today we return to your devices with not just renewed energy, but a renewed focus on what we love to do - and do best.

One of our big goals for 2022 is to be super specific about the reflections and learnings we share with you – here in this newsletter, on our blog and on LinkedIn. We promise to stop adding to the noise.

The last thing anyone needs right now is a return to the old ways of doing things that didn’t serve us.

Uncommon times call for uncommon approaches, and there are few places this is more relevant than in the world of meetings, gatherings, conferences and workshops.

Hosts can no longer ignore that participants will place a high premium on feeling connected, valued, engaged and empowered. They are done with being talked at, killed slowly by PowerPoint in anonymous virtual black holes and having their precious time disrespected.

Connected, valued, engaged and empowered.

These aren’t just words that sound good. We witnessed first-hand, in virtual and IRL gatherings last year, eyes light up when a connection was made; genuine laughter when a candid moment was shared; joy when a piece of work was successfully collaborated on. A Zoom fall silent when someone dared to be vulnerable.

It was magic.

This is the moment. The moment to bravely bring optimism, joy, discovery, playfulness and the true spirit of collaboration into our workplaces and at professional gatherings so we can get sh!t done.

We talked a lot about purpose and tangible outcomes last year - and these are still hugely important.

But what’s more important today is to look after your people - whether they’re your team, your members, or your participants. Use your gatherings to help your people to heal, through connection and conversation. Help them move from a state of languishing to a place where they can thrive. Because if they do, you do too.

If this all sounds like crazy talk, don’t worry - we’ll back each of these claims over the coming weeks and months.

Till next time!

ps: Want to challenge us on some of this? Or commiserate over the tough times of end-2021? Love to jump on a call with you.

pps: Today (9 March) also happens to be Banu’s birthday! Send her some birthday love here on LinkedIn or drop her a line.


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