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Can your menu really make or break your conference?

If we had a dollar for every time we saw something about food in conference feedback forms…

We often wonder how is it that people gladly (?) pay thousands of dollars to attend a conference, presumably for the primary purpose of increasing their knowledge, or networking with industry peers and yet, one of the most common items we find mentioned on feedback forms is ‘FOOD’.

  • ‘Not a great selection of cookies’

  • ‘Why was there not a coffee machine? Are we peasants?’

  • ‘There was not enough choice for vegetarians / carnivores / pescetarians / flexitarians’ (the list goes on…)

  • ‘Dinner should have been a buffet’

  • ‘Dinner should have been seated’

Food is simply something everyone has an opinion on - even the ones who claim not to be ‘foodies'. No surprise then, that the PCMA offers an F&B add-on to their regular magazine, Convene. Covering also venues, Bites and Sites promises to be ‘the new concierge for the global business events industry, delivering fresh ideas for conference food and beverage, and foodie advice for precious free time outside of the conference venue’. From instagrammable cocktails, to food sensitivities - this is one resource we’ll be referring to!

PS: We also found out that TED has a snacks curator, so this must be the real deal :)

Let's inspire your community - Team UC


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