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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

So goes the famous saying by Oscar Wilde, these days spouted ad nauseam by every Instagram influencer from here to Istanbul. As trite as this quote now sounds, there’s a lot in it for a good conference manager to remember.

In the age of snazzy digital and video content, business conferences are more likely to be referred to as ‘boring’, ‘uninspiring’, ‘a waste of time’, ‘full of suppliers’ and ‘uninformative’. Trust us, we have a pretty big sample size. What you want your conference to be referred to is of course the opposite of all these things.

You want to inspire, engage, inform, educate and be a platform for meaningful connections.

Think about why you’re putting this conference together. Don’t be afraid if suddenly the what you need to do starts to look very different. Different is good. Different is what this industry needs.

Let's inspire your community – Team UC


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