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empowering organisations to drive change through participant-led gatherings

we develop in-person and virtual uncommon platforms that empower associations, brands and government to lead real change in complex, urgent and tense times.

we are a cure for the common.

why the need for different forums?

Whether you’re solving an industry-wide challenge or looking to change behaviours internally, you need a powerful alternative to the usual conference, meeting or sales training. Get in touch if you're facing the following conditions:


When the challenge to be tackled is bigger than any one person or community, and when successful resolution must include input and action from a diverse range of stakeholders.


When the time to act is NOW. When the clock is ticking on the resolution of an issue or when lack of action could be unprofitable or disastrous for an organisation or an entire industry.


Real or potential conflict; when there’s real passion in the situation, meaning people care enough to fight for or about something and are willing to take responsibility for the change.

Future Outcomes

case study

Gas Fest is a unique ‘for industry, by industry’ platform that convenes leaders, policymakers, experts, stakeholders and influencers across the fuel value system to explore the role of gas as a marine fuel in the transition towards a decarbonised future.

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Cure for the common

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how do we do it?

After guiding our clients through a careful process of discovery and goal-setting, we design an uncommon platform built around the know-how and expertise of their stakeholders, so they can arrive at collectively-agreed actions and the ability to drive change. Examples include:

what are the outcomes?



Step up and lead the change your organisation or community needs



There’s real value in unpacking the expertise & collective knowledge of everyone in the r(Z)oom



Participants won’t just leave your gathering inspired, but with tangible outcomes & a path to lasting change


Something greater than normal, better than the usual. Something with more meaning than average; that adds life and character


The contribution you made positively impacted on the way the conference was delivered.


I have received excellent feedback on the conference as a whole and we consider the event a great success”

- CEO, Maritime Industry Australia Limited


My congrats for a well-organized and inspiring event. 

I enjoyed the creative and intensive workshop concept a lot.

- CEO, Energy Sector


It’s been wonderful working with UC – they understand every detail about a conference or gathering and what makes it truly memorable“

- Head of Shanghai Events, London Business School