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we're a cure for the common

we work with savvy leaders who need a powerful alternative* to the usual conference, meeting or workshop

*in-person or virtual

  could that be you?


You know exactly what the challenges and opportunities are 


You're committed to exploring & tackling these with meaningful contributions from all stakeholders. You believe in the old adage 'uncommon times call for uncommon approaches'


You're ready to start yesterday 

Whether you’re solving an industry-wide challenge with a forum, hosting regular customer events or implementing change internally, the predictable old ways simply aren't cutting it anymore. Your participants are listless, your team is muted (literally) and you're running out of bright ideas for "engagement". You're guessing what people want and need, instead of being driven by data and insights. You have your 3 i's locked in: 

some of the savvy leaders we've helped

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how do we do it?

First, we take you through a careful process of discovery, figuring out exactly what you need from your conference, meeting or workshop, or even a whole series of them. Then we get to work co-designing a carefully facilitated experience that uniquely engages, surprises and delights every participant in your room (or Zoom). Important note! We also guide you on how to best gather useful data and insights, including our trademark Return on Emotion metric. Examples of uncommon experiences include:

every now and again, we put pen to paper

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Something greater than normal, better than the usual. Something with more meaning than average; that adds life and character


what are the outcomes?



In a world filled with Zoom fatigue and reluctant commuters, host meetings & events that are worthy of your participants' time and attention. Inspire and truly engage them.



Our conversation-based framework and careful facilitation allow for your participants to build trust, rapport and lasting connections with one another. No lazy "networking breaks" on our watch!



Don't leave another meeting or conference without having accomplished your or your participants' objectives

*** BONUS ***

Gather valuable data and insights to drive future engagement, participation and influence. Most importantly, benefit from our trademark Return on Emotion (ROE) measurement tool


Mark Bell, GM, SGMF
- London

UC designed and facilitated another top-notch set of virtual workshops for our Gas Fest community - this time working closely with our corporate partners to ensure their specific industry goals could be addressed and achieved. They always bring fresh ideas and facilitate the sessions in an engaging and meaningful way


Julissa Shrewsbury, Programme Lead, INSEAD Alumni Association
- Perth

Our cohort of highly successful business executives enjoyed the  collaborative experiences where they were challenged to think differently and engage meaningfully. Thank you for your attention to detail, your thorough communication before the event, and your commitment to the experience for our participants.


Harly Penner, Director, Seaspan Ferries
- Vancouver

Virtual workshops designed and delivered by UC are worth getting out of bed in the middle of the night for


Joyce Tang, Technical Program Manager, Intel
- San Jose

This year’s event set a new bar for our internal community and was overwhelmingly well received. We appreciate your help and could not have done it without you!


Noel Hart, Chair, Mid West Ports Authority
- Geraldton

We engaged Banu to design, deliver and facilitate our annual strategy workshop. With warmth and professionalism, she facilitated our board, executive & leadership teams before the session and throughout the day, supporting us to achieve our outcomes and helping us connect effectively. I can highly recommend Banu if you're looking for someone who expertly combines the "soft" and "hard" skills of workshop design & facilitation.


Olena Lima, Host, MMS
- Melbourne

When we invited UC to run a virtual session on event strategy for our Membership Marketing School participants, we knew we would get a meaningfully designed and delivered workshop - and they did not disappoint. From the pre-work, to the workshop itself, and the framework they provided afterwards! 

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