Team UC is passionate about change, integrity, diversity, sustainability & digitisation. 


Not change for the sake of it. But making a real difference.

Changing the way the events industry is perceived. Taking it to new heights. Helping it grow in value.

Bringing a sense of joy and an element of play back into conferences. 

Creating conferences that will effectively bridge the Learning/ Doing gap.

Inspiring communities all over the world. 


It’s all too easy to take short cuts. We simply don’t do it. We live by the mantra, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. And we don’t compromise on that. So we adopt a “Slow Events” approach, that are designed 

thoughtfully with intent and care for our planet, with content that engages and in a format that communities will find joy in attending.


The world is full of differences, and yet most conferences cater to the ‘average’. We’re here to change that approach and actively work with clients on assessing the unique needs of their participants, from food to access to event set-up. With care and consideration, more people can realise the benefits of a remarkable event.


Doomsday scenarios aside, we all have a part to play in reducing our carbon footprint. And even the smallest of gestures can add up to something significant. We therefore look to work with like- minded organisations who care about their environmental impact, no matter how small. No plastic straws. Pitchers of water. Excess food distribution. These are just some of the ways we can all start to make a tangible impact on our planet's well-being.


Closely aligned with sustainability, we look to take a digital-first approach with every event. Beyond making an event merely “modern”, the true benefits are around increased efficiency, greater engagement, deeper connections, and reduced environmental impact.

Let's use tech, and not let tech use us. 

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