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You like our design and now you want us to deliver it? We thought you'd never ask! Our full suite of conference delivery services will ensure a smooth yet inspirational experience for your participants - and you! 

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Plan & Manage:

We’ll come up with a shared GANTT chart to ensure your event prep runs smoothly, on-time and on-budget. Team UC firmly believes that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, and you will not fail on our watch! 


road map


Acquire and/or Manage:

With an agreed list in place, we’ll invite, follow up, confirm and manage them. Speakers, moderators, panelists, facilitators… the folks who will inspire your community are one of the most important elements of your conference, and we know a thing or two about prepping them for your event. They’ll feel valued, taken care of and be ready to wow the crowd come conference day.






Plan & Manage:

Ahhh, the dreaded B word – but never fear, when Team UC is here! We eat budgets for breakfast, and we’ll make sure we provide you with a realistic, actionable budget that delivers the best possible results for your participants (and your CFO, who’s the real MVP).

partner/sponsor management


You invite and confirm them, we’ll manage them (and their expectations, which are usually pretty high). Sponsors and partners are a crucial component of a successful conference, bringing with them knowledge, connections and hopefully some $$$. We’ll be in close contact with these important stakeholders to ensure they get maximum value out of your conference, and have them signing the contract for next year’s event before we’ve collapsed the last re-usable roll-up at this year’s.


Acquire and/or Manage:

The on-site management of a conference is really where all the magic comes together to create that inspirational experience for your participants. We can acquire and manage 3rd party vendors for you, or just manage suppliers you’ve always used (and are happy with!), or support your in-house team. Whatever needs to happen – we’ll make it happen.


P.s. The onsite registration process is close to our hearts, and we believe it can be so much better used than it normally is – talk to us to find out how!

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